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Making A Difference

The Battery Doctors reenergizing system is a powerful and sophisticated technology that has made a significant impact in commercial and consumer applications. However, the impact is not only recognized in the cost savings and performance of batteries but also in the positive impact it has had on our environment.
Using only environmentally safe products to reenergize batteries, Battery Doctors has made eco-strides toward reducing waste products from our environment.


Protecting and helping our environment has always been one of the company`s most important focal points. By reenergizing old batteries, Battery Doctors Operators save millions of batteries from ending up in our landfills, dumpsters and along our roads and highways. Here are some of the ways that Battery Doctors is making a difference:

1. Batteries saved from landfills can be reused again with long lasting performance while reducing unnecessary waste.
2. By reconditioning these batteries for reuse, BD operators decrease the amount of heavy metals such as lead that would otherwise end up in our landfills or along our highways. Did you know that 80% of the lead produced in the United States is used in lead acid batteries? (BCI)
3. Plastics, lead and acid in batteries leave a negative lasting impact on our environment. Reenergized batteries from Battery Doctors get a second life and help power equipment worldwide for a fraction of the cost.
4. With more BD reenergized batteries being purchased each year, manufacturers do not have to produce as many new batteries conserving raw materials and decreasing the manufacture of heavy metals.


A battery reconditioned or maintained by Battery Doctors costs a fraction of a new one and offers the dependability, including a full replacement warranty that provides peace of mind to our customers.